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Look no further if you've been looking for an aluminum casting factory in Mississauga that interacts with you and values your finished product just as much as you do. The most reputable non-ferrous aluminum casting foundry in Malton Best, which specializes in the accurate production of fine sand castings for use in a variety of sectors. No matter the size of your order, whether you're a small or big firm, we can assist with the aluminum castings you require. From one to thousands of pieces, we approach casting tasks of all sizes with the same level of accuracy and zeal. We have the ability to cast parts of any dimension, ranging from half an ounce to 232 pounds, thanks to our cutting-edge procedures and cutting-edge machinery.

Through engineering, stocking, and distribution of aluminum sand casting products in Canada and abroad, Malton Best has amassed sufficient expertise. Aluminum-related sand casting is primarily used to produce non-ferrous metals. Depending on the nature of the intended product, our experts communicate with customers and make arrangements for the materials needed for aluminum sand casting. We at Malton Best have the most up-to-date technology for producing aluminum sand molds in green sand, and we can meet all of your aluminum needs.

Our furnaces at the location where we perform aluminum sand casting are specially designed to transmit heat uniformly to all areas of the castings, which are exceptionally resistant to corrosion, heat, abrasion, and wear. We are able to produce castings that weigh up to 1500 pounds. To provide great tensile strength, the aluminum parts are heat treated. Typically, engines, motors, pumps, and valves use our cast components.

Aluminum’s optimum strength-to-weight ratio has been verified to be about one third that of cast iron, cast steel, brass, and zinc. Aluminum castings make it more dependable and efficient thanks to their superior corrosion resistance, reduced production steps, and capacity for anodizing, burnishing, electroplating, and powder coating. Aluminum can be used to create components with stronger and thinner walls because it is lighter than steel. We have found that the most effective and economical way to shape-modify metals is through sand mold casting. The ability of aluminum casting is crucial in their uses.

aluminum casting

Aluminum Alloy Components Mississauga

We have knowledge in selecting and using aluminum metals. Use our knowledge as a guidance!

Aluminum Sand Casting Services Mississauga

Customers can choose from a variety of manufacturing choices at Malton Best to create high-quality aluminum products in Mississauga

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aluminum casting
aluminum casting
aluminum casting
aluminum casting
aluminum casting

Casting Aluminum in Industry

Aluminum has become a key component of the manufacture and production of a broad range of commercial and industrial aluminum goods ever since the Bayer and Hall-Héroult methods for processing and refining aluminum were developed. The emergence of more efficient and practical manufacturing techniques allowed engineers and designers to quickly incorporate aluminum into their renderings.

Aluminum’s various qualities and traits have shown it to be a dependable and strong metal with a long service life as well as the ability to be worked and shaped into any shape to suit a design, from ovens to aerospace. More than 270 minerals can be mixed with aluminum to improve its properties.

Aircraft Components
Agricultural Equipment

01Casting and assembly analysis merging - Mississauga

We have close relationships with our clients, which enables us to identify areas where expenses can be reduced. For instance, by realizing that two castings and one piece could be cast as a single piece, we were able to reduce the production costs for one customer by 60%. With our assistance, the business was able to recover the cost of its equipment in less than two years.

02Reversing Engineering Mississauga

Advanced 3D scanning technology allows us to provide design analysis in order to replicate a part that’s been crafted elsewhere. To make an exact match, we’re also capable of analyzing chemical and metallographic characteristics to identify materials and even the post-production techniques utilized. After these details are determined, we consult with our clients, creating an effective course of action to move to production.

03Casted prototype Mississauga

There will always be a place for computer modeling, but nothing compares to a real sample that can be handled and examined from all sides. The physical prototypes we produce can be used to assess a manufacturing process' effectiveness and give a precise preview of how a component will appear, feel, and function. Although the aluminum prototypes we make are typically fully functional, we are also willing to create ones that aren't in order to show them to prospective backers and market test panels.

04Our Strict Standards for Aluminum Foundries

You can depend on Malton Best's dedication to accuracy and excellence when you choose us. We adhere to a stringent set of documented processes and lean production techniques that enable us to guarantee repeatable, consistent, and cost-effective products to our clients in order to uphold our unwavering standards. We also offer a wide range of value-added services, such as pattern design/production, heat treating, annealing, machining, powder coating, painting, and anodizing for fully finished components, in order to give our clients the best possible value.
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