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CNC foam cutting machines from Malton Best are well-made and easy to use. In a short period of time, you can design and build the parts you require in the quantity you require. Your productivity and design skills will improve thanks to our CNC equipment, enabling you to take on greater projects and enter new markets.

Our client is a well-known foam fabricator who provides converting services for one of the biggest selections of foams in the business. They required a specially designed system that would enable them to produce swiftly with the least amount of downtime in between cuts.

CNC Foam Cutting. It’s that simple! Any graphics programmed that exports to a supported format by the machine control software can be used to produce the drawings you want to cut. The machine software must now be loaded with the drawing or project, the cutting parameters (such as speed, etc.) adjusted, and Simulate or Cut selected (start). There is no need for drawings because the bundled wired remote controller can handle all simple cuts and trimming operations. CNC foam cutting machines use an abrasive wire moving at a high speed to cut items that have been previously drawn in You graphics programmed. For various materials, there are many cutting wires that vary in diameter, composition, and wrap style.

CNC Foam Cutting

CNC Profiling

The best way to achieve the custom-cut foam products you require is through CNC profiling. Our business can offer you premium custom-cut foam thanks to our large-capacity profile cutter.

CNC Routing

We can also produce custom-cut foam using our CNC routing equipment. Using advanced drill bits, CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) routing produces precise custom-cut foam shapes.

Hot Wire Foam Cutting

Hot wire foam cutting is another way we provide our customers with custom-cut items. Our engineers can swiftly, easily, and effectively cut through our premium polystyrene and other kinds of foam thanks to our cutting-edge hot wire cutter.
cnc foam cutting
cnc foam cutting
cnc foam cutting

The Benefits of CNC

Thanks to CAD designs that do away with the tool and die procedure, Malton Best can produce distinctive prototypes in a matter of minutes. It’s the most affordable and practical way to quickly finish your part design (including modifications)!

Our CNC machinery can cut materials up to 5 inches thick and practically any shape up to 5 feet by 10 feet from a single CAD file. We can die cut, kiss cut, score, punch out, perforate, notch, and mark on the same piece.

Bulkier materials up to 5 inches in diameter and some substrates that might not be suited for ordinary dies, such as thick flexible foams and thin solid rubber and plastics, are easily transformed by our CNC cutting service.

Thanks to user-friendly software and cutting-edge technology that nests components to make use of space that would otherwise be wasted, our parts are cut with precise tolerances and efficiently utilize materials.

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01Competitive Price

We provide unsurpassed precision at an affordable price. You will save the greatest money by employing our direct one-stop-shop millwright and machining service.

02Customized Solution

Our team will work directly with you to thoroughly understand your specific requirements. We give experience in preventative maintenance and custom production to save expenses and maintain rigorous quality requirements.

03Quality Workmanship

Based on our 20 years of thorough operational expertise, we strive to reduce machine failures and deliver timely servicing. Our work has been praised by every company for which we've done work.

0424/7 – 365 Support

Our organization was built on the promise of offering help around the clock, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We are only a phone call away if you require emergency repairs.
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Malton Best will deliver a high quality product for you each and every time.
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The best thing about working at Malton Best is that you get to work with such enthusiastic people who are ready to solve problems. I appreciate working with people from all over the world and from all cultures who are dedicated to and enjoy their profession.

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Laser cutting, which uses a high-power laser to cut materials for industrial applications utilizing optics, is one of Malton's best sheet metal profiling methods. Although laser cutting is more precise and energy efficient than plasma cutting, the thickness of the material that may be cut is limited.

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Metal fabrication typically necessitates the use of precise pressure to bend materials without cracking or causing unanticipated curvature. Hydraulic and manual press brakes bend metal by exerting gentle force to produce flawless pressed folds and edges without leaving markings on the surface.

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Precision and high-quality pipe and tube bends made to order. The delivery was lightning fast. Pleasant customer service is provided. These are only a few of the reasons why companies all over the world choose Malton Best Tube Bending for their most difficult pipe bend and tube bend projects.

CNC Foam Cutting Machines

Malton Best provides well-designed and easy-to-use CNC foam cutting machines. You can quickly design and manufacture parts in the numbers you need, when you need them. Our CNC machines increase your production and design capabilities, allowing you to take on larger projects and branch out into new fields.
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