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Malton Best prioritizes comprehensive design and engineering. MFG's production capabilities are a group of highly skilled engineers who use the most advanced 3D modelling and CAD/CAM tools available to deliver excellent design and technical knowledge. Their expertise simplifies 3D modelling and prototype creation, leading in higher output efficiency. Malton Best can help you transfer your existing parts or original designs to the most cutting-edge and cost-effective manufacturing procedures.

Malton Best Design and Engineering is now recognized as the industry leader in offering amusement ride manufacturers with innovative, complete product development solutions and manufacturing support. Industry standards such as CE, ASTM, EN, TUV, and CSEI are all met or exceeded by Malton Best’s designs. We can also deliver PE stamps to customers all around North America. Magnetic braking systems for suspended roller coasters, aerospace designs for fighter jets, and automatic belay devices for decelerating components on funiculars, trams, and ziplines are among the patents held by our design firm.

We don’t just build things; we put them to the test! The most critical phase in all of our designs is detailed analysis. We ensure that all product designs are exposed to analysis prior to production. Our understanding of analysis techniques guarantees that the best design for the project is generated. Each analysis will include thermal/flow, structural, tolerance, and EMI/RFI confinement.

design engineering


We use design for manufacturing (DFM) concepts to lead all discussions with engineering. For example, reducing extraneous fastening hardware, minimizing masking points, and optimizing package costs are all examples of this.


Our engineering services are used by customers at various stages of the design process. One consumer, for example, may come to us with a vision and request a design. A customer, on the other hand, may have already begun manufacturing but requires assistance in optimizing or scaling their product.


Each of our fabrication plants in the United States and Canada is supported by our in-house engineering staff. As a result, we can take a hands-on approach to engineering services, seeing the project through from concept to first article, full production, and beyond.
design engineering
design engineering
design engineering
design engineering
Sturdy and durable metal fabricated product with a sleek and modern design. Perfect for a variety of applications, including industrial, commercial, and residential use. Made from high-quality materials and expertly crafted to ensure long-lasting performance and reliability.
An infographic showing the metal fabrication process. The process includes steps such as design, cutting, forming, welding, and finishing, with each step contributing to the creation of a final metal product. The infographic provides an overview of the metal fabrication process, highlighting the skilled labor and precision required to create high-quality metal products


Our manufacturing facility can accommodate high-volume, precision products and parts at competitive costs. From cargo trailers for expensive aero planes to roller coasters, tractor attachments, specialized brackets, support columns, and funiculars, we can do it all! Our welders, professional assembly crew, process engineers, and project managers enable us to provide the best products in the world in a timely manner.

Quick prototyping allows our customers to ensure the function, design, and aesthetics of their product designs. All options range from a full-scale prototype to a scaled 3D printed or CNC first piece. To develop precise prototypes that allow our customers to visualize their reality, we employ some of the most cutting-edge technologies.

Malton Best is best known for its metal fabrication services, but it also provides end-to-end manufacturing solutions to a variety of industries, including mechanical design and engineering for metal fabrication. This enables us to take on projects from conception to completion, from design and prototype through manufacturing and delivery. Mechanical engineering is an integral part of Malton Best’s vertically integrated vertical production process.

In conclusion, at Malton Best, we don’t just build – we invent, analyze, test, and perfect. Our unparalleled expertise in CNC design engineering and relentless dedication to quality, efficiency, and innovation make us the ideal choice for your manufacturing needs. Allow us to be your strategic partner in achieving your vision and together, let’s redefine the boundaries of what’s possible.

01Competitive Price

We provide unsurpassed precision at an affordable price. You will save the greatest money by employing our direct one-stop-shop millwright and machining service.

02Customized Solution

Our team will work directly with you to thoroughly understand your specific requirements. We give experience in preventative maintenance and custom production to save expenses and maintain rigorous quality requirements.

03Quality Workmanship

Based on our 20 years of thorough operational expertise, we strive to reduce machine failures and deliver timely servicing. Our work has been praised by every company for which we've done work.

0424/7 – 365 Support

Our organization was built on the promise of offering help around the clock, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We are only a phone call away if you require emergency repairs.
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Malton Best will deliver a high quality product for you each and every time.
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The best thing about working at Malton Best is that you get to work with such enthusiastic people who are ready to solve problems. I appreciate working with people from all over the world and from all cultures who are dedicated to and enjoy their profession.

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Fabrication manufacturing services we provide

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting, which uses a high-power laser to cut materials for industrial applications utilizing optics, is one of Malton's best sheet metal profiling methods. Although laser cutting is more precise and energy efficient than plasma cutting, the thickness of the material that may be cut is limited.

Press Brake

Metal fabrication typically necessitates the use of precise pressure to bend materials without cracking or causing unanticipated curvature. Hydraulic and manual press brakes bend metal by exerting gentle force to produce flawless pressed folds and edges without leaving markings on the surface.

Tube Bending and Pipe Bending

Precision and high-quality pipe and tube bends made to order. The delivery was lightning fast. Pleasant customer service is provided. These are only a few of the reasons why companies all over the world choose Malton Best Tube Bending for their most difficult pipe bend and tube bend projects.

CNC Foam Cutting Machines

Malton Best provides well-designed and easy-to-use CNC foam cutting machines. You can quickly design and manufacture parts in the numbers you need, when you need them. Our CNC machines increase your production and design capabilities, allowing you to take on larger projects and branch out into new fields.
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