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It is easier to produce any product if you have the right tools.

The tools also help in producing the part more efficiently, thus keeping costs down.

We have state of the art tools, machines, and metals at Malton Best and we take pride in all the products we produce.

Whether you need extruded components, crucial part outsourcing, or to launch a new product line, we strive to improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process and the quality of your goods while minimizing your net costs. We deal with companies in a range of industries, providing custom solutions to help them increase profits.

For custom Extrude Aluminum Machines, Malton Best is your one-stop shop. From conventional extruded aluminum extrusion and machining shapes to custom specialized and ornamental trims, to functional prototype fabrication, Malton Best is uniquely qualified to manufacture your aluminum extrusion and machining profile solutions on spec, on time, and on budget.

In addition to our substantial aluminum extrusion and machining profile range, we partner with renowned mills from throughout Canada to provide access to over 10,000 dies and extruded aluminum forms. If we don’t have an item in stock, we’ll help you find it or manufacture it so that we can provide the right products on time and on budget.

extrude aluminum machines

Long Parts Machining

Unlike normal CNC machines, our long bed CNC equipment can manufacture aluminum profile pieces up to 19 feet long in one operation, saving you time and money.


Aluminum extrusion and machining are also used in electric wires and cables due to its excellent electrical conductivity. Although copper is a better conductor of electricity, lightweight aluminum extrusion and machining are preferred.

Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Malton Best can handle the most stringent industry requirements thanks to its cutting-edge aluminum extrusion press and quench systems.
extrude aluminum machines
extrude aluminum machines

Extrusion and machining of aluminum are used in a variety of industries.

Aluminum extrusion and machining are required in the automotive, construction, and aerospace industries. Aluminum extrusion and machining are critical raw materials in the aerospace industry, accounting for more than 75% of an airplane’s weight. Aluminum is used in the production of household goods and utensils, and it is still the metal’s second-largest user.

Aerospace and Defense
Consumer Products

01Extruded Aluminum Machining

Extruded aluminum framing usually necessitates alternative fastening options such as modular fasteners and T-slot nuts. Specialized aluminum profile machining fills this need, allowing for more complex designs.

We've been able to design a number of sophisticated applications thanks to our broad extruded aluminum machining skills. A few instances of these structures are as follows:

Manifolds for industrial applications
The end of the arm's tooling
Lighting and safety posts
Custom linear drive units are available.

02Panel Machining

The only limit to what you can make with panels is your imagination, with so many different types of panel material, sizes, and colors to select from.

Here are some examples of popular panel designs:

Tabletops, Cabinets, and Enclosures made of plastic and aluminum up to 1.5" thick
Panels of control
Signs Engraving

03Brackets & Accessories

Custom brackets and accessories can be created to fit your needs when regular modular fasteners are insufficient or won't work. The MB Kit hardware is meant to fulfil a certain function in your application.

The following are some of the most common brackets and attachments:

O-rings Spacers Adapters Custom Brackets


Custom plates are an alternative attaching technique for extruded aluminum framing components. Whether you have an external piece of hardware or need a stronger connection, a custom plate can be created to meet your needs.

Connecting Plates
Adapter Plates
Solution for your business

What can you expect

Malton Best will deliver a high quality product for you each and every time.
Solutions for your manufacturing business
Production of bespoke tools and machines
Designing, building and testing with highest quality
Fulfiling customer technical requirements

The best thing about working at Malton Best is that you get to work with such enthusiastic people who are ready to solve problems. I appreciate working with people from all over the world and from all cultures who are dedicated to and enjoy their profession.

Mia McBride
Malton Best

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Fabrication manufacturing services we provide

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting, which uses a high-power laser to cut materials for industrial applications utilizing optics, is one of Malton's best sheet metal profiling methods. Although laser cutting is more precise and energy efficient than plasma cutting, the thickness of the material that may be cut is limited.

Press Brake

Metal fabrication typically necessitates the use of precise pressure to bend materials without cracking or causing unanticipated curvature. Hydraulic and manual press brakes bend metal by exerting gentle force to produce flawless pressed folds and edges without leaving markings on the surface.

Tube Bending and Pipe Bending

Precision and high-quality pipe and tube bends made to order. The delivery was lightning fast. Pleasant customer service is provided. These are only a few of the reasons why companies all over the world choose Malton Best Tube Bending for their most difficult pipe bend and tube bend projects.

CNC Foam Cutting Machines

Malton Best provides well-designed and easy-to-use CNC foam cutting machines. You can quickly design and manufacture parts in the numbers you need, when you need them. Our CNC machines increase your production and design capabilities, allowing you to take on larger projects and branch out into new fields.
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